the Weekender handbag

$276.00 $368.00

The Weekender handbag by Founders Imports is perfect for those weekend getaway trips. The leather and tightly woven textile will amaze you at what these women can make in Guatemala with their own two hands. Days of work go into making just this bag alone but 10% of all sales by Founders Imports are donated back to the charities supporting education, health care, and development in the country of origin.


This handmade oversized bag is made in Guatemala and every piece is unique. The products are made on-site by local artisans, in fair working conditions and fair wages accurately reflecting the value of their efforts, in ways that honor the importance and integrity of local, regional, and global ecosystems.

“Fashion is a universal language. Our products tell a story of empowerment and positive change” -Andy Jones, CEO & Founder of Founders Imports